Special featured services of Cochin Cabs



Population, that’s something Kerala has got quite a lot of. How to make the most of it? Ask the Kerala taxi people and they will tell you. Some of the very few industries that are able to survive in Kerala include the fleet service and they are able to survive because of the increasing population that demands better services and convenience for better money. People are fed up of the local autos because of the exorbitant charges they demand and the unprofessional way they deal with the customers. I am not generalizing the matters but if you ask the locals they will tell that in most parts of Kerala, people prefer Kerala taxi service over autos because they work in a more organized way and behave well with the customers. These are just some of the main reasons for the evolution of the popularity of taxi services in Kerala. Even though there are many taxi operators and service providers in Kerala, even the new generation app-based taxis, Kerala taxi booking is preferred over the phone which is the conventional way. Every household in Kerala will have at least 2 to 3 taxi service provider’s details with them who provide them exclusive services.



The new generation will be more inclined towards the app-based on demand taxis which are cheaper and more convenient for them. Even if you do not know the location, it tracks the location through GPS and makes sure you reach your destination in the shortest route possible, in the cheapest rates for Taxi in Kerala. The only issues prevailing with these taxis are that they are not available everywhere. The new generation app-based taxis are available only in Kochi city as of now and in some of the suburbs. While it provides a great job opportunity for the youngsters, it definitely has one more issue to be sorted out. They do not wait for the customer. The people of Kerala are used to special Cochin taxi that take them to a destination and waits for them for as many hours and brings them back to their starting point. With new generation taxis, this is not possible. That’s another reason many people still prefer the conventional Taxi in Cochin over the cheaper version. Moreover, most of the earlier taxi service providers have a personal rapport with the clients. Their drivers are quite familiar with the clients’ requirements and even know some of the places they frequently travel to by taxi. This type of personalization is missing in the new-generation taxi services where the driver rarely interacts with the customer.


taxi ass

If you are new to Kerala and are looking forward to a taxi ride for shopping or sightseeing, you better know a little about how the Cochin taxi service works. It is more or less similar all across Kerala as far as the conventional taxis are concerned. First of all, here we do not have those taxis that chase you for a ride as in the metros. Kerala only has tourist taxis and all other taxis that run only on-demand. So if you want a taxi, you will have to book one by phone, app or online. The conventional taxis do not have a meter. But you can ask the driver and note down the starting and ending kms for a ride and do your own calculation. There’s a fixed rate per km for the taxis and the rate changes slightly for and air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned ride. The distance is calculated including the return charges since there’s no taxi stand in Kerala where the taxi from one place can wait for another ride at another place. That’s the main reason the conventional taxis get more expensive than the new-generation taxis. These days, you can avail online taxi booking in Cochin where you can get all information regarding the fleet available and you can choose the vehicle you want to ride on. These sites even have information on return vehicles available for cheaper rates from the neighbouring states which are very convenient for the people who keep travelling frequently.


Cochin Taxi Services

Most of the people in the city prefer Cochin cabs for local shopping and moving around. Most of the places in the city do not have ample parking spaces and the roads are already cramped and congested due to traffic. People do not have the patience to ride a car during the rush hours and keep waiting for parking. Cars give you protection from the outside dust and heat and let you travel comfortably. The cabs in Cochin are perfect for sightseeing in the city and for holiday tours as the drivers are usually familiar with the popular destinations in the city and the outskirts. They can give you good company and take you to some amazing places which none of the tour operators would do. In fact, most of the smaller tour operators depend on these taxi operators for taking their clients on sightseeing rides. Another taxi service popular among the tourists and those who frequently travel by flights are the Cochin airport taxi which is a pre-paid service that can be availed from the Cochin International Airport. Those arriving the airport can avail these services easily as the pre-paid counter in inside the arrival section. There’s a long fleet of taxis available from 4-seaters to travellers. The rate per km is displayed on the board at the counter and you can book your choice of vehicle from the counter to your destination anywhere in Kerala.

 Cochin Taxi Services

Those coming to Kerala on long leaves can definitely depend on Rent car Cochin which is a preferred option since the car of your choice can be availed for a longer period for much lesser rates with or without a driver. Many NRKs prefer this when they are in Kerala on a month or two-month leave. They rent the car for a month or so and use it just like their own car. Even the hotels and resorts depend on the taxi providers for Car hire in Cochin since they have this impeccable reputation of being available 24 hours, being punctual and for great service. Just make sure that you book your taxi in advance, especially during the peak seasons as that’s the only time, they find it difficult to serve their esteemed customers. The best way to travel in the congested roads of Kochi is to hire taxi in Cochin.

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Kerala’s White Fleet That Gives You a Peaceful Travel Experience


Kerala is fondly known as God’s Own Country. Indeed, it is, considering the heavenly beautiful locations and the appealing cuisine that’s served by very friendly people of Kerala. The best part about traveling in Kerala, other than the beautiful locations, will be the white fleet of tourist taxis that offer a peaceful travel experience throughout your journey. Kerala Taxi is definitely a great option to travel around Kerala for personal tours and official trips. They are available throughout the day and even during the odd hours for an emergency. All you need to do is to make a call and tell them the pickup and drop destinations. You can also hire a taxi for long duration and a long trip that involve a return trip too. Kerala taxi service is the most convenient way to reach places in Kerala since you do not have to depend on the timing of a public utility vehicle which you may not near your pickup or destination. While booking a taxi, you will be picked up from your doorstep and dropped at your destination without any issues. Since most of the drivers are well-versed or can reasonably understand English, Tamil, and the local language, the tourists have very little trouble managing the ride. Moreover, the drivers are usually well-versed with the usual routes and hence, you can travel easily to the popular locations. If you have the GPS, you can also find the route easily as most of the places are well-connected to the internet. Kerala, being the most literate state, the drivers usually have the basic education and common sense to keep you safe through the travel. Kerala taxi booking can be done over a phone call, the internet or using a Smartphone too. Since most of the drivers are young, educated people, they are tech-savvy too and have their taxi services available online.


Unlike the other states in India, you will find the Taxi in Kerala in a white uniform. Even though you may find the yellow and black colored taxis rarely at some railway stations, the majority of the taxis are white tourist taxis with the yellow private board. They mostly have an ‘All India Permit’ which lets you hire them for a tour anywhere in India. Traveling interstate becomes much easier with ‘All India Permit’ taxis as crossing the inter-state borders become hassle-free with the permits already available. If you are in Cochin City,elegant Cochin taxi is the best way to travel in and around the city. With very little parking space available and the traffic getting tougher to manage every day, most of the residents also depend on taxis for local travel. If you are planning for some shopping in the busy streets of Kochi, you will find it very difficult to park your car and even if you get a parking space, you will find it difficult to squeeze out of the completely filled parking lot! Sometimes, the parking lot is at least a kilometer from where you have to go! So to make the shopping and local travel easier, most of the residents and the tourists prefer Cochin taxi service.

car trip in Cochin

You will find the long rides interesting with an interactive driver who can talk about anything and everything under the sky! That’s the entertainment quotient of riding a Taxi in Cochin. In fact, we have personally known a lot of stories from the drivers who would not hesitate to share their opinions or experiences during the long drives. If you manage to strike a good relationship with the driver, he may take you to wonderful places which no other tourist guide would even know. For long rides, you may have to book the taxi in advance. Booking in advance makes sure you get the right driver who knows the place well and also a taxi that’s in a wonderful condition. Depending on the kind of tour you are planning and the number of people traveling, you can book the right kind of vehicle. Cochin Cabs come in various sizes from 4-seater hatchbacks to 10-seater MUVs to 50-seater luxury coaches. The taxi operators usually have a good rapport with each other and many of the freelancers so that they never run out of taxis for their esteemed customers even during the peak seasons. But it is advisable that you do advance booking during peak seasons, or else, you may end up with a 4-seater where you need a 6-seater. Even though you can book cabs over the phone, if you want to have a look at the vehicle booked and the options they have, you can opt for online taxi booking in Cochin which is very convenient.

kerala taxi packages

Sometimes the taxis that regularly ply interstate will offer subsidized return rates when they are coming back without any customer. Such details can be availed from their websites. Many IT and marketing professionals make use of this convenient travel which is usually available to the neighboring states during the weekends. The cabs in Cochin are usually very well-maintained. In fact, most of the drivers own their cars that are attached to the taxi operators. So they take good care of their car and maintain them well. This makes sure that you have a pleasant travel experience in the taxi. Many of the drivers behave impeccably well too. You will find that many drivers have Gulf experience and hence, talk Arabic fluently which helps them get good Arab customers who tip them well. Most of the cars are equipped with audio and even video players with a screen so that the tourists will stay engaged during the travels.

long term car rent

Hands up, while driving a convertible.

Those who reach Kochi by flight will have a pleasant experience of booking Cochin airport taxi which is reasonably charged and very convenient too. Passengers can book their taxi as soon as they collect their luggage. The list of cars available and their tariffs are displayed. Passengers can easily book the car of their choice and pay for it at the counter. They will be given a slip with the car details and the car drivers waiting outside will help you out find the car. Another convenient option many NRKs prefer is the Rent car Cochin. Customers can rent a car for a day, week or a month conveniently. You can get the car with or without a driver. This is very convenient for those familiar with the roads of Kerala and wants to spend their time with family conveniently. The customer may have to remit a security deposit and may require some reference for security purpose. Many non-resident Keralites opt for car rentals during their month-long vacations if they do not want to hire a driver along.


travel in taxi kerala

Those who have traveled through the busy and congested roads of Kochi would agree that Car hire in Cochin is the best option if you need the car for short-term purposes only. Just make sure you book in advance and specify your preferences when you book. One major issue some people may find with the taxis here is that there’s no meter attached to them! The regular customers will know the rate per kilometer. You can ask the details to the taxi operator. Even though there’s no meter, a normal rate agreed by the association of taxis is available which the operator will disclose. If you want, you can cross-check with a couple of taxi operators and then confirm the booking. Generally, the regular customers are given a decent discount on the rates. If you are on an official visit and need a bill, just mention it to the taxi driver and you will get you the bill. Most of the taxi operators work 24 x 7 x 365. While you are in Kerala, just make sure you collect the phone numbers of a couple of taxi operators so that you can call them anytime even during an emergency. Most of the hotels have their own fleet or a tie-up with some of the reputed taxi operators so that the customers do not have to wait for much time. You can hire taxi in Cochin for local as well as long trips. For the long trips and overnight stays, you may have to pay the driver some extra money for accommodation, food and travel allowance which you can confirm with your taxi operator. Such trips also will have to be booked in advance for the best experience. Taxis are the best ways to enjoy you travel experiences while in Kerala. You can even plan your holidays with taxi operators who also offer holiday packages with and without an accommodation. It is the perfect way to enjoy a cheap trip in Kerala if you have a guesthouse or some other relative’s place to stay over and will only require travel arrangements during your holiday trip. Whether you are booking for official or personal trips, Kerala taxi is the perfect choice for an affordable as well as enjoyable experience.

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Kerala taxi service with tourism

taxi packa

The best things about the holidays are to enjoy and relax and take a ride without thinking. It’s not easy when you have to drive long ways all along your holidays and when you are unfamiliar with the place and language it is going to take double effort. That’s when you need the assistance of Kerala taxi. They help to make you enjoy your holiday at ease. Most of these services can be availed easily and you will be provided with a fleet of vehicles for any purpose. You can take up the taxi service at any emergency situation at any time since their services are 24/7. Travelling becomes easier with these cabs as drivers are well aware of the roads and then you can relax peacefully as you reach your destination. Kerala taxi service works coordinating with the Kerala tourism, providing many economical packages to make your exploration in Kerala easier and comfortable. What more do you need when you can relax and enjoy the travel in the cab rather than go on searching for destinations and taking up many wrong turns and stops. There are many purposes for which taxi services are taken up. Most of the companies take up a taxi for their business purpose, like to pick and drop their employees and even guests who come to visit the company. The services are excellent and meet the quality standards hence many customers even pick these taxi service for their personal purposes too. With advance Kerala taxi booking, everyone gets the services at the right time as per their request making it easier for commuting in heavy traffic. Pre-booking helps to get the best services. You can find pre-paid taxis plying to the city from the airport. These services are reliable and offer to cater any kind of services like personal, official and even leisure purposes. Most of their services include picking up and drop off facilities to the airport, hotels, resorts, airport and anywhere at your convenient time and comfort.

family trip in taxi kerala

If anyone needs a car for a ride in the city, just dial the taxi provider and they will be available right at your doorstep.  Taxi in Kerala offers impeccable service to all the clients by putting travel and comfort in the prime list. There are Ac and nonAc vehicles and vehicles of all sizes to accommodate two or more people. The best thing about these services is that they are safe and reliable and always gives much importance to the pleasure of the client. One can book cabs from a large number of options like Maruti, ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Tata and much more. Cochin taxi service helps people in the urban city of Cochin to travel hassle-free inside the city and outside too. Anybody who just wants to relax and shop from the busy streets can just dial and get a taxi that offers comfy seats and is reliable. These taxi drivers are well versed to handle any customer from anywhere. They are always at your service as and when required. Be it just a shopping trip to a local shopping mall or even a drop at the nearest friend’s place, you can call up for this service even at odd hours. Taxi in Cochin is highly used by the companies for business and official purposes. Most of the employees are provided with travel facilities by hiring these cabs. These cabs are predominantly used for the company use only. The cabs have efficient drivers who are fluent in English and can very well manage to answer anything required by the guests. The taxi providers even provide service to entertain guests for the company, by providing city tour and help to visit the shopping malls in the city. Cochin taxi service helps to make tourism function very well. These taxi providers are good at functioning with the tour providers and suit the need for the tourists visiting Kerala. Specifically, these taxi services in Cochin are predominantly used for airport pickup and drop at the resort where the accommodations are reserved. Many tour operators provide online taxi booking in Cochin, which makes it easier to access. One can choose which vehicle is comfortable for them and how many to accommodate.

Cochin airport taxi

City tours with Cochin cabs are very efficient and comfortable. The drivers are well aware of the place and the shortcut roads to reach the places easily and readily. The drivers are well informed about the tourist attractions and they can even be a perfect guide for your Kerala visit. Even resort booking is available in their list of services. The best of all services are provided by the cabs in Cochin. Travel anywhere in Kerala with these cabs at your convenient time. Sometimes it is not easy to travel in an unknown place when there are uncertainties in the transport services widely available in the state. That is when these taxi services come to use. Cochin airport taxi provides the to and fro taxi service from the airport to near or far-flung places. The airport provides taxi service on prepaid and postpaid services depending upon how you need to avail the facility. Even when you land in the late night flights, the taxi provider can provide you with the most trusted services. At times when you don’t want to hire a taxi, but rather drive yourself and take up some short or long tours you can get the Rent Car Cochin. The rent car service is quite commonly used and widely available. You can hire any type of car depending on how many people you want to take along. There are minivans, buses, big cars which can seat 6-9 people available. Car hire in Cochin has become more common in the cities where one can take up these services to reach anywhere. Many even hire taxis for pilgrim purposes during the peak seasons. While hiring these vehicles one can plan accordingly which and when you need to hire. Hire taxi in Cochin to enjoy the ride in the busy and bumpy city easily relaxing in the comfy seats and enjoying the music in your ears, while the reliable service provider takes you safely to your destination.


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Kerala tours in Kerala Taxi

tour kerala in taxi

Travelling has always been fun. The best part in my travel option is choosing the local transport for my trip. As soon as I arrived in the city at the airport, I chose to take the prepaid Cochin taxi available there. The driver was well-behaved and friendly, he took me directly to the travel operators’ office without much delay. The city was as always crowded with lots of cabs and buses bustling on the road as it was a busy working day. As soon as I reached the office, I spoke about my requirements and chose a taxi in Cochin, which makes my travelling a little easier. Though the city has a wide network of transport service, I was told that, at times, the buses might not be available to certain places and that causes inconvenience. Hence, choosing a taxi was the best option. The driver was well-versed in the local language and could speak English too, which in a way added to my advantage. The driver took me to the resort in Alleppey, where my friends were supposed to join the trip. As I arrived and checked into the place, my friends were waiting for me. It was almost 10 years since we all met! We chatted about our lives since we last met for the rest of the day. The operator of my Cochin cabs had arranged a convenient accommodation for his driver so that I do not have to bother about it.

trip in taxi

The next day we explored the city on a taxi trip in Kerala. Exploring the city and the beautiful village nearby was a lot of fun. The taxi driver was a guide too! He showed us the best seafood restaurant in the area and we had a big feast with a variety of seafood and other non-vegetarian dishes. After the city walks, we went to the beach and enjoyed the sand and the salty water, walked on the shores under the shady coconut trees, sipping tender coconut water and munching some peanuts reviving the college days’ fun. After the sunset, we arrived at the resort. The next morning our trip was to the houseboat. Our Kerala taxi cabs driver arrived early in the morning and took us to the boat jetty. There were many boats anchored there and they all looked alike confusing us completely! Luckily, the taxi guy was familiar with the resort’s houseboat and was kind enough to direct us to our houseboat. The houseboat was run by the resort’s people and had a cook too who promised to cook some delicious seafood for us with the fresh catch we got from the backwaters. The whole day, we were entertained by the host, who was explaining us about the lifestyle of people living on the banks, and how the market seen on the banks evolved from the oldest barter system into the current money market system. It was fun watching the ladies spinning the coir, ducks swimming across the lake in a flock, kids playing with snakes made of coconut leaf, and much more. Their life seemed much happier than our busy lives. I just wished I could be a child again!

family trip in taxi kerala

We were served with the best authentic seafood. We too enjoyed the fishing along with the cook. My friend caught the smallest fish, which was served to him. After lunch, we enjoyed the scenery of the lagoons. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating. After tea and snacks, we docked at one of the banks and took our cab service back to the resort. We checked out of the resort soon. We had planned another stay in Varkala, to enjoy the serene and calm beaches, which was around 3 hours’ drive from here. We had retained our car hire in Cochin. As we reached Varkala, we checked into the resort, left our luggage and went out to explore. The place was quite awesome! The beaches had small shops on the shores. We bought ourselves some sun hats, enjoyed the bargaining and cone ice creams that reminded us of our childhood. The beach was not very crowded as the other beaches on tourist destinations.  We enjoyed the stroll on the beach side and the sunset and returned to our rooms. The next day, we took a city tour on the Kerala tourist taxi. By afternoon, after lunch, we returned to our rooms and again went out to the beaches.

cochin smart taxi

The next day we all went to Kochi where we wanted to explore the city on our own. It was this city that got us together as best of friends some 20 years back and it had changed terribly. We opted for rent car Cochin to explore the new city on our own. Thanks to GPS, we managed to reach our old hangouts without much trouble though they were not easy to recognize. The city had changed quite a lot and now resembled any other metro city in India. The people were friendly even now and helped us through our explorations pretty well. We visited the Fort Kochi beach which was our favourite hangout back during the college days. It was crowded that day, as we saw many cabs in Cochin waiting outside. Since it was a holiday, many tourists and locals were visiting the beach. Even though the place was crowded, it was still as beautiful. We spotted a perfect place for all of us and enjoyed the soothing wind and the juices served to us. We all talked a lot and felt relaxed far away from all the tensions in our workplace.

Cochin airport taxi

Finally, it was time to move on. We thoroughly enjoyed our cheap Kerala taxi packages that let us catch up with each other after such a long time. We packed our bags the next day and set out to the airport by Cochin airport taxi. We reached the airport right on time and bid adieu to each other and returned to our respective homes after a memorable holiday.


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My experience of using Kerala Taxi throughout my Kerala trip

Kerala travel in taxi exp.jpg

Kerala is always a fascinating land for me. Several times I had visited this land, yet my last trip was quite interesting. I used to grab some tour packages for the Kerala trip but one of my friend suggested that, Kerala taxi will make a different travel ambiance. So I decided to hire that for my solo journey. Basically I am from Chennai, but I spend my collage days in Kerala. So I am familiar about the cultures and rituals. I am very fond of Kerala food and hence I will never miss a chance to taste it.

Straight landing to Cochin International Airport

keralaflight arival.jpg

I don’t remember the exact time that I reached the airport, but I am sure that it was before the lunch time. The economical Cochin airport taxi that I was booked was ready and I get into it. The driver was Ramesh and he was from Cochin itself. The first thing that I had done in my journey was to take delicious Kerala lunch along with fish delicacies. After that I was transferred to another Cochin taxi, which will be companion for the rest of the days. The driver was not changed and a guide called Suresh accompanied us. He was quite funny in his speech.

A road trip through the Cochin Street on taxi

taxi-guide trip cochin.jpg

The first step in my journey was to spend a whole day and night in the streets of Cochin to know the smell and color. It was in the evening that we started it and the streets and roads were really very busy. I could see many Cochin cabs here and there with the attractive color. I think the people in Cochin are using these cabs for their daily life. The street food stalls and street shops were in full swing and they were ready to invitee their guests. If you are planning for a taxi trip in Kerala, then you don’t worry about the facilities, because I was stunned of seeing everything. The guide was frequently describing about the places that we crossed and he was very energetic. We stopped in a food street near the Fort Kochi and I decided to taste everything!!!! Don’t misunderstand that I am an over foodie. We had a nice time there and Suresh and Ramesh accompanied me to do all my craziness. After that I made a conclusion that the taxi in Cochin is very friendly in all aspects. The drivers are really treating the customers as the guest of their state.

Peep into the Night life of ‘Metro City’

Kerala_1- night trip cochin.jpg

After a while we continued the trip and the hustle was in its peak. I think the natives take night as their perfect time to hangout. I could see many couples, kids, elder people etc. One thing that I find in common was the happiness in their face. That was also seen on the faces of Ramesh and Suresh. I found that Kerala taxi packages are also available which will be more user friendly for the users. I spend some shadow time in the Fort Kochi by watching the Chinese fishing nets and the people. Meanwhile I was thinking about the services of Cochin taxi which stole my heart because of its mind-blowing assistance.

My prime aim of this Kerala visit is to know more about the people in Kerala by looking to their faces in a rush time. The place I chosen was the perfect spot. I then made a decision to make a Kerala trip along with my family by using the Kerala tourist taxi, because of seeing the infrastructural facilities. I realized that the Kerala taxi service are controlled by the government of Kerala and private sector is also taking part on it.

If you are interested in driving the cabs by your own, then you can choose the rent car Cochin, which will give you a cab and you will get top most privacy. After a while we continued our journey and I was dropped into my hotel, which was booked for me.

Saying Good Bye to Cochin

good by cochin.jpg

The very next morning I was ready to go back to my home town.  I was using one of the Kerala taxi cabs to go to the airport and I realized that car hire in Cochin is really very easy because of the online booking. With lots of sweet memories I say Bye to my dear Kerala.

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Kerala Taxi – Perfect guide to show the right path!

taxi guide.jpg

I was in Kochi on an official trip and did not want to bother my cousin with whom I was staying. Though I had been to this small city a couple of times earlier, this was my first try with Kerala taxi all alone. The last couple of time I came with my husband, and we used to roam around together in Kochi. This time around he was also caught up with a Delhi tour and hence could not accompany me. In my family, women are not allowed to roam outside alone especially in the late evenings. They tend to get worried and I fully understand the issues. I used to reach back home from work by 8.30 pm which was very late by the standards of our small town when I was working some 10 years back. But since it was my hometown, most of the people around knew me and our family well and hence I never had any issue travelling alone at that time back there. But this was a new place to me, which I was not very familiar with. My aunt tried to coax me into taking their car but I did not want to keep their driver late as he had a busy day coming up. I was quite comfortable with the Cochin taxi I got in the morning which increased my confidence. In the evening, I got late from the meeting and it was around 8 pm when I started from my office in Tripunithura. My colleagues here had booked me on a taxi in Cochin which was not very familiar with them as their regular taxi guy was held up with some other client. But since I had my GPS up I was confident that I will easily find my way to my cousin’s flat.

taxi trip kerala.jpg

Women have this instinct of sensing danger from the very beginning. The moment the guy knew I was alone and had no clue about the place I wanted to reach, I felt he acted strangely. This reminded me of some stupid stories about how a taxi in Kerala took a woman to a ride and finally she was rescued by the night patrol police before anything serious happened. I don’t know why, but when you are a little scared, you get only this kind of negative thoughts. So as my gut sensed, I kept my GPS on from the beginning of the trip which started eating my phone’s battery. Since I was sitting in the back seat and there was nowhere I could get a mobile charger to use inside the car, I started to panic. But much to my relief the guy seemed to be genuine. He sensed my fear from my face and started talking to me. He told me not to worry and that he had a sister who worked in an IT company nearby. He assured me that he knew the particular flat I had to reach and will take me safely there as I was his responsibility now. By Using Kerala taxi service made the first good impression on me now. Though I did not want to take him for granted, he seriously seemed genuine and started talking about the various clients he comes across each day in the city. Half way through, my mobile got switched off. Luckily I had anticipated this and carried an extra mobile to use in such emergency. By the time I moved my SIM to the 2nd mobile, it started ringing. It was my cousin who just reached back home from work and was worried that I was not yet home. The time was already 9.30 pm and I had no clue where I was. For another second, panic gripped me that I could not even say where in the city I was! My driver asked for the phone and he told my cousin that we would reach in another 5 minutes and we did. He was good enough to wait till I got inside the flat safe and sound. It was an unforgettable taxi trip in Kerala.

professional taxi airport driver.jpg

Within an hour, all my conceptions and particularly the wrong ones about Kerala taxi cabs, in general, changed with that experience. I learnt a few lessons, the first being not to rely on a smartphone which has very little battery life. The first thing I did the next day morning was to get myself a new phone with GPS which I could use when I travel alone. Though I have travelled alone in Cochin airport taxi I never felt any fear. Probably because it was a day travel and we were coming in a crowded route which was more or less familiar to me. My cousin told me more about the Cochin taxi business in Kochi which was trending these days, especially with the Gulf Malayalees who would use them during their holidays here. Though I had heard about the drivers of cabs in Cochin talk in an abusive language to some customers or asking for unfair fares, I was not prepared to experience a positive ride. I felt that my driver was an angel sent from the heaven who guided me on the right path. I even got his number so that I could call him for all my requirements of car hire in Cochin then onwards.


I left the city after two days and narrated the incident to my husband. Though he was worried, he was happy that good-hearted people still existed in this God’s Own Country. Then onwards, every time we visited Kerala, we would hire the same Kerala tourist taxi. He has accompanied us to many places officially and on personal visits too. He even gave us some good Kerala taxi packages where he took us to Allepey and Munnar and showed us around some amazing holiday locations. I learnt one big lesson from the incident which I will never forget – don’t ever judge someone by their profession or looks. You never know who will be the angel to guide you through the right path!

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A Cool Trip through Kochi in Cochin Cabs!!!

A cool trip through Kochi in Cochin Cabs

If you are ready to know the day today life in Kochi, then you can choose the Cochin cabs to make your journey a perfect one. Many tourists are interested in exploring the life of common people while they are travelling and if you are like that you can take car hire in Cochin to know about the natives. These cabs are quite interesting in its peculiarities and are user friendly. Once you book the taxi, you will get it in the proposed time without any delay. Along with the cab, you will get a driver and a guide on demand. They will help you to explore the streets in Cochin.

These cabs are coming under Kerala taxi cabs which are controlled by the government of Kerala. So you are not supposed to worry about the security. For the convenience of the users, they can book the cabs in prior through online. Kerala taxi is famous for its timeliness and friendliness. It will be proven for you when you make this wonderful trip.

Starting from the Airport

Starting from the Airport

This exotic trip can be started from the Kochi International airport, and the Cochin Airport taxi which you already booked will be there waiting for you. Then you will be moved to the nearby hotel to make refreshment an then we will start ourTaxi trip in Kerala with lots of energy. Our first destination will be the famous Lulu Mall, which is the most cast mall in India. You can have a nice time there y shopping some branded items. You are not supposed to make bargaining there, because every shop in that mall is selling branded articles. Next you will be taken to the Fort Kochi in Cochin Taxi to see more surprises.

Safe landing at Fort Kochi  

Safe landing at Fort Kochi

After a one hour journey we will reach Fort Kochi which is really a beautiful place for the tourists and natives to hangout. The Chinese nets in the backwaters are really a good scene to watch and you can take the photographs also. Almost all taxi in Cochin provides these modes of trip through Kochi. Kochi being the queen of Arabian Sea, you can enjoy a nice time in the beach. Beautiful backwaters are also present here and boating is available there. Useful and reliable Kerala taxi packages are provided by various tour operators. Many resorts and restaurants are available in various parts of Kochi and you will get good stay and food at any time.

If you are fond of shopping, then Fort Kochi will be a paradise for you in every sense, because many street shops with various souvenirs are available in the nook and corner of Kochi. You can use Kerala tourist taxi to make a full length Kerala trip which includes all major destinations in Kerala. Many spots which are very suitable for honeymoon and group tour are there in Kerala and you can grab the most suitable one.

Time to have some ethnic food!!

ethnic food.jpg

You can see many delicious food courts, restaurants, hotels and street food stalls in Kochi. If you are interested in tasting that, then you can choose the most appropriate one without any doubt. As a surprise, taxi in Kerala is conditioned in all manners and you don’t need to worry about any pathetic condition. Drivers who are continuing your journey will be very well known about each food courts and you can seek his help. You just ask him about what ethnic food you want to taste, then he will take you to the best place which will serve the best food. For more than several years, these cabs are working under Kerala taxi service unity and till now there is no complaint regarding that from any customers. If you are seeking for any privacy while travelling, then you can choose rent car Cochin, which gives us the desired cab and you will get the freedom to drive it. No driver or guide will accompany you and if you want it in advance, then you can demand for them.

Time to Good Bye

Now it’s the time to say good bye to Cochin after a whole day journey. You will be taken back to your desired spot in the cab. These Cabs in Cochin are famous for its timeliness and sincerity.

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